Amiserve Corp.

Our Mission

Help you help the world while reaping the benefits of effective corporate philanthropy!

What We Do

Amiserve was conceived of by Michael Simm and Andrew Simm to help businesses and to create massive impact in the nonprofit space. We are a Benefit Corporation, registered in Arizona, which means we are obligated to seek maximum benefit for all stakeholders, our customers and communities, not just our shareholders.


Chairman: Michael Simm Michael Simm Profile Picture

Michael is a disruptive systems expert and an analyst of impactful programs. Seeing the difficulty companies often have tyring to make an impact that matters, he designed Source Services to effectively deploy funds to maximize nonprofit impact while charging a tiny fee in comparison to industry standards. Michael is experienced in financial systems, and has used his knowledge of impactful nonprofit programs to build a nonprofit designed to maximize anti-poverty impact, The Logical Foundation.


President & CEO: Andrew Simm

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in Technology and Finance. Andrew has founded, managed and overseen a number of businesses in a variety of industries including aerospace, real estate and software.


Amiserve is early stage business based in Arizona, USA.
If you are interested in joing our team and helping us grow, please send your resume to

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