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We help businesses of all sizes to maximize the benefits of their charitable activities. Supporting nonprofits can help your company improve its image, attract and retain talent, and become more compelling to work with!

The Impact Program

The Amiserve Impact program allows businesses of all sizes to maximize the benefits of their charitable donations. The time and resources required to manage an effective philanthropic effort within a business can eat up a significant portion of the funds that should be going to good causes. The Impact program is designed to minimize the overhead and get the maximum good for your charitable dollars.

Amiserve manages your philanthropic activities to ensure that you maximize impact while reaping huge business rewards such as:

  • Greatly improved marketing effectiveness

  • Optics improvements in the community

  • Increased support from regulators, customers, and local groups

  • Improvements in employee satisfaction and retention

  • Stakeholder satisfaction and ESG investor benefits

  • Increased customer loyalty and brand awareness

We look at your company's needs, and distribute grants in your name to the best nonprofits out there for achieving you impact goals.

After monitoring the programs you have funded, we ensure that you receive an industry leading impact report tailored to your needs. Using these reports will lead to enhanced business effectiveness.

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